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200 people have starved to death in NHS hospitals because ‘nurses are too busy to feed patients’

In 2011, 43 patients starved to death and 291 died in a state of severe malnutrition, while the number of patients discharged from hospital suffering from malnutrition doubled to 5,558.

Dianne Jeffrey, chairwoman of Malnutrition Task Force, condemned the statistics.

She told The Sunday Express: ‘Too many are paying the price with their lives while being deprived of the basic right to good nutrition, hydration and support.’

Monitor, the watchdog that regulates trusts, said it was considering the move in order to ‘safeguard services’ for local patients.

A public inquiry into the trust said that patients had experienced ‘appalling’ care between 2005 and 2009.

It said that the trust had cared more about cost control than the quality and safety of the care it gave pandora charms purple.

Mid Staffordshire health trust is in control of Stafford Hospital, where an investigation showed substandard care resulted in hundreds of deaths pandora charms purple.

The families of patients involved in the Stafford Hospital scandal protested outside a meeting of NHS bosses this week and renewed their calls for the resignation of chief executive Sir David Nicholson pandora charms purple.

Mid Staffordshire health trust is in control of Stafford Hospital, where an investigation showed substandard care resulted in hundreds of deaths

A dozen people held placards with Sir David’s photograph accompanied by the words ‘Resign’, ‘The man with no shame’ and ‘Too many deaths, no accountability’ pandora charms purple.

A major investigation is under way at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust and acting chief executive Dr Jackie Bene has stepped down

Sir David, who has faced calls to quit since the Francis report revealed issues a Stafford Hospital, was instead given a vote of confidence.

The trust has been the subject of three inquiries in four years.

NHS hospitals have also stood accused of fiddling figures to mask the numbers of patients dying needlessly pandora charms purple.

A major investigation is now taking place at the Royal Bolton Hospital in Greater Manchester, where acting chief executive Dr Jackie Bene, stepped down.

The trust had had one of the highest mortality rates in the country.

But in 2011, the figures suddenly dropped by 10 per cent and the trust was named as one of only about 50 in the country with ‘lower than expected’ death rates.

But it is feared that since 2001, an estimated 2,000 plus patients may have died unnecessarily at the trust.

Vulnerable Martin Ryan starved to death in an NHS hospital 26 days without proper nourishment in 2005.

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3million Hamilton and Inches jewellery raid as getaway driver for armed gang is jailed for eight years

THE getaway driver for an armed gang who staged a terrifying jewel store heist has been jailed for eight years pandora charms puerto rico

Michael Hood was convicted yesterday after a six day trial.

The jury heard how staff at Hamilton and Inches in George Street, Edinburgh, cowered during the robbery as thugs wielding axes, machetes and a sledgehammer smashed glass cabinets to steal jewellery and watches pandora charms puerto rico

The Record can now reveal that in December 2012, Hood sat at the top table at the lavish wedding of infamous drug dealer Terry Scott.

He was pictured partying with other known villains at the reception, where tables were named after prisons.

We couldn’t identify Hood when we exposed the shameless bash in October as he was awaiting trial over the raid.

Michael Hood (left) sits along from Terry Scott (middle) and Michael Wright

The 32 year old is also best pals with gangland hitman Marc Webley, who was jailed for 11 years for shooting a man in the back in a motorbike ambush.

Hood was accused of trying to extort a garage owner with Webley in 2013 but he was cleared during a court case.

Yesterday, the father of one from Royston, Edinburgh, shook his head in disbelief as the jury at the High Court in Livingston returned a majority verdict.

Sentencing him, judge Lord Glennie told Hood: “This was an armed raid in broad daylight. The gang, armed with machetes and axes, clearly terrorised the people within the shop.

“Your role was that of the getaway driver although as part of the gang,

you bear equal responsibility in law.” The jury were shown CCTV footage of the raiders ransacking the upmarket shop and piling their haul into rucksacks.

Wearing identical balaclavas and boiler suits, they ordered staff to lie on the floor as they stole rings, necklaces and highly collectable Patek Phillippe timepieces pandora charms puerto rico

One necklace stolen after the gang made store boss Stephen Paterson open a window display was worth Shop assistant Margaret McLennan, 67, was left with a black eye after one of the thugs slammed her into a cabinet pandora charms puerto rico

None of the three men who entered the shop have been identified.

The highly professional robbery took just 90 seconds and ended when one of the gang shouted: “Time, time.” Outside, Hood was waiting in a white BMW which roared away from the scene after the gang jumped inside.

The high powered vehicle was dumped minutes later in nearby Gloucester Lane, where a Honda had been left by the gang to use as a second getaway vehicle.

That car was found abandoned 18 days later in the city’s East Pilton Farm Rigg less than a mile from Hood’s home.

The robber weilds an axe to smash into the cabinets

Hood was undone after scientists recovered his DNA from the handbrake pandora charms puerto rico

The trial heard there had been three failed bids to set the stolen car ablaze and police found false registration plates inside it.

Hood’s former co accused Kurtis Beech, 29, admitted driving the BMW and Honda to Edinburgh from Manchester. Hood admitted he’d touched the Honda but said it was while selling cannabis to Beech.

But the jury rejected his claims after deliberating for just one and a half hours.

Hood is well known in Edinburgh’s underworld and counts many leading villains as pals. He was a guest of honour at Scott’s wedding, sitting alongside the groom at the reception in Norton House Hotel.

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9 Quick Ways To Make Cash To Help You Get Through This Economy

Do you know how important money is to live a healthy, quality of life? Do you know how to earn cash fast without working countless hours to make it? There are many ways to earn cash pandora charms pictures
. This is very much beneficial for you as you can help yourself with some extra money. There are a few ways to make quick cash.

1. You can offer your services for a fee for things like cleaning homes or organizing homes. You can even consider getting a contract with someone who is establishing a new building and may require cleaning services.

2. If you think that you are a good cook, then take a step and sell some cakes or cookies at a reasonable price pandora charms pictures
. If you are able to sell it to many people, then this would be a quick money maker. cash.

3. Get a newspaper route and daily deliver newspapers.

4. Offer your services as a driver and you can earn quick. You just have to have a license. There are many displaced people who need transportation to get around. This is one of the quick ways to make cash.

5. Help people in managing their a dog or cat. Offer your services through the newspaper to take the pet for a walk and don’t forget the poop scooper pandora charms pictures

6. You can help people to clean up their garage and you can charge something a decent amount per hour. This way you can earn pretty well.

7. You can participate in research studies and can earn through them. There are many companies who are willing to pay for your opinion.

8. Advertise your service as house and pet sit pandora charms pictures
. If the tenants are out you can take care of their home and can even take care of their pets at the same time.

9. Offer car detailing services. Keep your prices a bit low as compared to competitors. Hire good services and display boards all around so that the people can come to know about your services pandora charms pictures

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11 elusive for many

Remains of those lost at the World Trade Center are still being identified. And relatives are still waiting to receive a piece of skin or shard of bone. They are waiting for results from the greatest forensic investigation in history the attempt to match their loved ones’ DNA with genetic material extracted from remains found after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. (Related graphic: Two years after Sept. 11)

They wait for something to confirm the loss, to begin the healing, to consecrate before God, to bury. (Related audio: New technology for DNA identification)

Sally Regenhard waits for the day she can erect a gravestone that will proclaim to the ages that her son Christian lived and died. Diane Horning waits for the day she will receive another part of her son Matthew. She already received three.

But Dee Ragusa will wait no more.

Her son, Michael Ragusa, is the only New York firefighter of the 343 killed that day who has not had a funeral or memorial service pandora charms pink
. His mother has said for nearly two years that there could be no funeral without something to bury. Now her wait is over. On Monday, her son will have his funeral, thanks to a serendipitous discovery that there is still a part of him left to bury pandora charms pink

It is startling to realize that two years after the attacks, victims’ remains are still being identified for the first time. Relatives are notified by police, arrive at the city medical examiner’s office and carry home the remains, often so small they fit in a test tube.

One week before the second anniversary of the attack, no trace has yet been found of 45% of the nearly 2,800 people who died in the twin towers. That’s 1,268 people. Forty two people are still officially “missing” because no one has applied for a death certificate for them, and their remains have not been found.

For those lost at the Trade Center, “found” really means “identified.”

When the towers collapsed, the victims were crushed by 3 billion tons of debris that acted as “a huge mortar and pestle,” in the words of Robert Shaler, director of forensic biology at the city medical examiner’s office. Searchers recovered 19,893 separate body parts, including a single tooth. One man was found in about 200 pieces.

Shaler used to watch the searchers at Ground Zero. One day, he recalls, “they brought in a little piece of rib bone. And I thought, ‘How did they find that?’ Because it was the same gray color as everything else. It looked like a twig.”

Fewer than 300 bodies were intact. Only 12 could be identified purely by sight. The key to identifying most of the dead lay in the DNA, the body’s genetic code. Tiny bits of remains were frozen, ground up and dissolved. DNA was then extracted from the nucleus of individual cells and compared to DNA taken from victims’ toothbrushes, clothing and other personal items. (Related audio: New DNA ID techniques)

The medical examiner’s office has been unable to identify 62% of the body parts. They were so scorched, soaked or decomposed that no usable DNA could be extracted.

And each month, DNA analysis adds fewer names to the list of confirmed dead pandora charms pink
. In April 2002, when 126 people were identified, Shaler said he hoped to identify remains for 2,000 victims, or 71% of those lost. Then the numbers started to drop: 93 were identified in August last year, 14 in January, nine in July. Last month, just four families got word.

Advances using DNA

Shaler has developed new techniques for DNA identification: looking at a type of DNA passed only from the mother to a child; using fewer DNA base pairs, which may provide more usable samples from remains; plotting where body fragments were found on the site to determine whether remains from co workers might be clustered together. All to narrow down the 12,419 body fragments left after identifying 7,474 parts.

But he expects no more than another 200 victims will be identified before investigators exhaust these techniques sometime next year. The dead not identified by then will have to wait for as yet undiscovered ways of matching DNA pandora charms pink
. The remains will be buried in a memorial to be built at Ground Zero. The DNA samples will stay at the medical examiner’s office forever. The search will never end.

Even the final death toll at the Trade Center is unsettled, due mostly to duplication of names, fraud and honest but erroneous missing person reports. On the first anniversary, the city counted 2,801 victims. A year later, the city now lists 2,792 as lost. That figure still varies from databases assembled by The Associated Press (2,775) and USA TODAY (2,784).

The exact number killed may never be certain, city officials acknowledge. Evidence could surface of a previously unknown victim a homeless person, perhaps, or an illegal immigrant.

Some DNA samples extracted from bones and tissue do not match any genetic profile submitted by victims’ relatives. In the medical examiner’s freezer may lie the remains of a victim who was never reported missing.

Dee Ragusa did not think like a fire department mother because her son was the first in his family to become a firefighter. When she turned on the television that morning and saw the World Trade Center in flames, she thought, “Thank God none of my children works there.”

In fact, Michael Ragusa, 29, a plumber by trade who joined the department a little more than a year earlier, had raced to the Trade Center from his Brooklyn firehouse. His father, Vincent Ragusa, later worked it out, minute by minute. Michael would have had enough time to reach the 30th or 40th floor of one of the towers. That meant about 70 floors came down on him.

Vincent was pessimistic about his son’s chances of survival. But he and his wife were sure their son’s remains would be found. Michael had died in the heart of the world’s greatest city in the golden age of DNA science. He figured: “How can you not have a body?”

But by the first anniversary of the attacks, all that had been found of Michael Ragusa and the four firefighters who raced toward the south tower with him was the brass badge of the lieutenant who led them.

“It’s hard to fathom: no trace of so many people,” his mother says. “It can’t happen that way. . People don’t just disappear.”

They do. They did on the Titanic, at Hiroshima, in landslides, tidal waves and battles since the beginning of time. And it is likely they did at the Trade Center, the medical examiner says pandora charms pink
. What never changes, no matter where you go, is the basic human need for a body to grieve over, to bless, to bury.

For the first time, Dee Ragusa understood.

“If he’s not laid to rest, it’s like he never was. I want something that marks that he was alive. It makes him real. It says he was.”

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1st Searchlight Battery

This diary is being written on behalf of Percy William Frederick Reeves 4858025, a Bombardier in the 1st Search Light Regiment pandora charms promo code

The 1st Battery was formed at Rhyl in 1940. Training was not finished when we were shipped out to relieve Royal Engineers at St Omer. We went on to Lille operating Search Light defence.

The training was finished on the 12th May; NCO’s were made up from selected people and we were to leave for England in June 1940. I was promoted to Sargeant on the 1st June 1940 and came back to England for three weeks leave, returning to Fenam Barracks, in Newcastle, to be brought up to date on weapons etc. The 1st S/L regiment had been the AA S/L defence for Lille until the German breakthrough in the Ardennes. We then drove into Belgium. La Basse formed the front line as part of the “rough front line”. One day later we were ordered to Calais to form AA S/L defence pandora charms promo code
. In all, about 50 men went to Les Attaques where we engaged a German armoured troup carrier. Finding volley fire at the machine gun vent made them recoil rather quickly (with shouts of injuries), we were then visited by a light spotting plane which went round and round just out of range. Some 45 minutes later German medium tanks were seen approaching. Troop Commander) order “everyman for himself” and “make for Dunkirk.”

We were surrounded by tanks and Panzer Grenadiers and were rounded up from our hiding places. “for you the war is over” a German Captain and Sargeant greeted us. But they were very “nice” about it. I replied “perhaps” to his message. We then went to a collecting point, with no raised arms.

After a walk of three weeks through France and Belgium, eating dog biscuits and water from roadside pools, we reached Trier, in Germany. Then three days train journey to Poland. I was a prisoner in Shublin (21b) Prisoner of War camp pandora charms promo code
. It was five years later, almost to the day, that we returned to England.

The above recollections can be read in Airey Neave’s book (The Flames of Calais) from pages 42 to 47.

The services of The 1st/2nd S/L Regiment, together with other very poorly equipped soldiers, caused such skirmishing as to make the German forces stop and consider their position pandora charms promo code
. This gave the Rifle Brigade and The Queen Victoria Rifles time to make a fight lasting for four days. Much has been documented about the efforts of the soldiers who held back the German advance for such a long time with such minimal armaments; giving time to evacuate Dunkirk pandora charms promo code

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9 Inspiring Fitness Gurus

Jack LaLanne is known among the buff as the “Godfather of Fitness.” LaLanne was one of the first mainstream proponents of strength training and he opened a “fitness spa” in 1936, when they were an unheard of phenomenon.

“The doctors were against me they said that working out with weights would give people heart attacks and they would lose their sex drive,” he told The New York Times.

He also created and hosted “The Jack LaLanne Show” and completed some amazing feats in his 96 years. Among the most impressive? Completing 1,033 pushups in 23 minutes and at age 70, towing 70 boats filled with 70 people one and a half miles in Long Beach Harbor.

Jack LaLanne is known among the buff as the “Godfather of Fitness.” LaLanne was one of the first mainstream proponents of strength training and he opened a “fitness spa” in 1936, when they were an unheard of phenomenon.

“The doctors were against me they said that working out with weights would give people heart attacks and they would lose their sex drive,” he told The New York Times.

He also created and hosted “The Jack LaLanne Show” and completed some amazing feats in his 96 years. Among the most impressive? Completing 1,033 pushups in 23 minutes and at age 70, towing 70 boats filled with 70 people one and a half miles in Long Beach Harbor.

Tae Bo was the brain child of fitness enthusiast Billy Blanks, who created the ’90s sensation by combining dance moves with Tae Kwon Do pandora charms promotions

He released a home video of the workout in August, 1998, and in its first year on the market the tape sold more than 5 million copies. The exercise craze gained fans in Paula Abdul, Lou Diamond Phillips and Brooke Shields.

Tae Bo may have been a fad, but Blanks really knows his stuff he’s a seven time world karate champion with 36 gold medals from the sport pandora charms promotions

Tony Horton, the creator of the ubiquitous P90X program, set out to Los Angeles to become an actor and a model, and found fitness by accident pandora charms promotions
. Working out to beef up for modeling roles, he met other fitness professionals and got involved in training clients.

After a series of other projects, he released the P90X series of DVDs in 2004, designed using the principles of “muscle confusion” to leave users toned, lean and with perfect six pack abs pandora charms promotions

The principles seem to work P90X has legions of devoted followers, and Horton has the physique to prove it he told Men’s Health magazine he can do 110 pushups, 80 dips, 35 pullups, and eight 260 pound lat pulls in immediate succession.

The creation of the yoga like exercise of Pilates was born out of an unlikely place: an interment camp during World War I pandora charms promotions

Joseph Pilates began inventing floor exercises while in the camp, and those moves eventually became Pilates mat work. He also made use of available equipment, like beer keg rings and bed springs, which became the Pilates reformer and magic circle.

After the war, Pilates opened a studio in New York City, spreading the method to dancers in the New York community.

Those students kept the practice alive through the decades, bringing it to the surge in interest in the sport we see today.

Jonathan “Johnny G” Goldberg was training for a cross country bike race during his wife’s pregnancy. Not wanting to be away for long stretches of time, he installed some stationary bikes in his garage and worked on mimicking outdoor terrain in his workouts.

He spent 10 years perfecting a program that came to be known as Spinning. In 1991, he started offering classes at Voight Fitness in West Hollywood, Calif., and the program became hugely popular.

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”Banning Guns Is Like Banning Forks in an Attempt to Stop Making People Fat”

Vince Vaughn is getting candid about gun control pandora charms price

Ahead of the release of the 45 year old actor’s cover for the July issue of British GQ, the publication has unveiled a preview of the True Detective star’s accompanying interview he’s already making headlines just days before the mag hits newsstands pandora charms price

Asked to share his thoughts on the American public’s right to own a gun, Vaughn expressed his unwavering support for the second amendment and argued that Americans should be able to bear arms both in their homes and in public pandora charms price

“I support people having a gun in public full stop, not just in your home,” he said. “We don’t have the right to bear arms because of burglars; we have the right to bear arms to resist the supreme power of a corrupt and abusive government. It’s not about duck hunting; it’s about the ability of the individual.

“It’s the same reason we have freedom of speech,” he continued. “It’s well known that the greatest defense against an intruder is the sound of a gun hammer being pulled back. All these gun shootings that have gone down in America since 1950, only one or maybe two have happened in non gun free zones.”

He added that “mass shootings” have “only happened in places that don’t allow guns.”

“These people are sick in the head and are going to kill innocent people. They are looking to slaughter defenseless human beings. They do not want confrontation. In all of our schools it is illegal to have guns on campus, so again and again these guys go and shoot up these f king schools because they know there are no guns there. They are monsters killing six year olds.”

Vaughn was then asked whether he believes guns should be allowed in schools, at which point he replied with an emphatic yes.

“Of course. You think the politicians that run my country and your country don’t have guns in the schools their kids go to? They do,” he said pandora charms price
. “And we should be allowed the same rights. Banning guns is like banning forks in an attempt to stop making people fat. Taking away guns, taking away drugs, the booze, it won’t rid the world of criminality.”

In addition to his remarks on gun control, the 45 year old star shared his opinion on the American government and called Edward Snowden, the former CIA agent and NSA whistleblower who leaked classified documents to the media, a “hero.”

“I like what he did,” Vaughn said. “My idea of treason is that you sell secrets to the enemy. He gave information to the American people. Snowden didn’t take information for money or dogmas. Governments claim to write endless laws to protect us, a law for this, a law for that, but are they working? I don’t think so. The consequences are that there is a staggering loss of freedom for the individual pandora charms price
. I look at the drug wars and they are absolutely f king ridiculous. There is a black market and the prisons are overcrowded and it’s not preventing drug use. There’s a corruption that goes all the way to the top.”

While Vaughn’s remarks quickly caused the actor to trend on Twitter, Piers Morgan expressed his distaste for the Wedding Crashers star’s controversial opinion.

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60 people to be laid off at Belfast manufacturer that employs people with disabilities to make combat gear

military involvement overseas had an unwelcome effect this week in Belfast, as a manufacturing company that employs people with disabilities to make high tech gear announced it must lay off nearly half its workforce by March.

“I’ve seen better days,” Salvatore Garozzo, executive director of Group Home Foundation/Little River Apparel, said Monday afternoon.

Earlier that day, he told about 60 employees their jobs would be eliminated by spring. The nonprofit organization currently employs more than 120 people at the manufacturing center located at the Belfast Business Park pandora charms orlando
. It sold more than $20 million worth of apparel last year.

“They were devastated,” Garozzo said of the employees’ reactions to the news of the impending job cuts. Department of Defense is the organization’s largest client, with contracts to produce 5,000 chemical biological suits every month. But with troop activities winding down, the numbers for Belfast just dipped to 2,667 suits per month.

“There’s less requirement for the chemical biological suits because there’s less active combat,” he said.

Three years ago, about 70 workers at the company were temporarily laid off when , according to the BDN archives. The organization employed 240 people at that time.

Garozzo said Monday he and others at the Group Home Foundation are actively seeking other apparel projects in hopes they can rehire several of the workers. Nearly 75 percent of employees at Little River Apparel have cognitive, intellectual or developmental disabilities, and doing good, valuable work is crucial to them, he said pandora charms orlando

“We were quite honestly all very, very upset about the fact that these individuals would be losing their jobs. We’re committed to helping them find work,” Garozzo said. “It’s meant the difference in the quality of their lives, as well as their contribution to the community.”

Little River Apparel will continue to make technical apparel for the Department of Defense and for other clients, including outdoor clothing company Patagonia. Workers in Belfast make cold weather and rain jackets for Patagonia, which is doing something special for Little River Apparel this spring judging a fashion show.

“In an effort to help the organization get through these difficult times, we are working on the opportunity for a designer fashion competition with Patagonia,” Garozzo said.

Sewers at the Belfast company can design a little black dress and jewelry that will be shown at the show, which will be held at Point Lookout in Northport on May 15. A Patagonia designer will select the winners and may decide to incorporate the design into the company’s catalogue.

“That’s entirely up to them,” Garozzo said, adding he is hopeful more work can be found pandora charms orlando
. “I just don’t know how long it will take for us to get it.”

The workers at Little River Apparel are well able to do work for established apparel companies, he said.

“Our biggest hope is that a manufacturing facility like New Balance will take a look and say, ‘Hey, maybe there’s something we can do for them,'” he said. “There’s a lot of capability that the workers have.”

Garozzo said the 1973 Javits Wagner O’Day Act now known as the AbilityOne Program enables the government to set aside contracts for qualifying organizations that employ people with disabilities. Little River Apparel workers have made the chemical protective overgarment for the Department of Defense since 1997 and more recently began producing wet weather rain gear and a lightweight insulated jacket for the military.

Divers search Penobscot River for Maine Maritime student of New York love story about Maine summer camp triggers outpouring of nostalgiaLongtime Camden restaurant Cappy’s Chowder House closesBernie Sanders to visit Maine in advance of caucusesNYC man arrested in connection with 2014 Biddeford murders

The park service won address the national park concerns of your reps in Congress pandora charms orlando
. It a shameMentally ill Mainers are still warehoused, but now it’s in jailWednesday, March 2, 2016: Democracy not a spectator sport, restore Penobscot’s west branch, address education funding shortfallElected leaders can’t just ignore the voters’ will on clean electionsWho will win big on Super Tuesday?

Olympic skating medalist Michelle Kwan in Maine to stump for Clinton’Attendance was excellent’: Bangor tourney turnout up more than 6,000Former Messalonskee standout named Ohio Valley Conference’s top freshmanUMaine men want to be aggressive in quarterfinal at VermontLewiston tops St pandora charms orlando
. Dom in Class A North FinalLePage suggests running mate who would ensure Donald Trump victoryMAINE

of New York love story about Maine summer camp triggers outpouring of nostalgiaMAINELY THOUGHTS

The park service won address the national park concerns of your reps in Congress. It a shame

LePage proposes elimination of Maine estate taxST. JOHN VALLEY TIMES

Bangor Publishing acquires Fiddlehead Focus

Aglio e Olio (Pasta with Olive Oil and Garlic)First ride along is a dangerous rite of passageWhat “The Revenant” Tells Us About Hollywood’s Attitude to Franco AmericansForget wine pairings: Chefs are creating crafty beer dinners in MaineWhat happens to food waste? Bangor screening planned for documentary

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7 Intelligence Milestones

The supersmart chimpanzees of the new movie Rise of the Planet of the Apes may exist only on the silver screen but in real life, great apes are still brainiacs of the animal kingdom.

Evidence for ape intelligence got a major boost in the 1960s in Gombe, Tanzania, when Jane Goodall observed chimpanzees using a twig to “fish” for ants (pictured in a file photo) the first documentation of wild chimps making and using tools. Until then, toolmaking had been considered a uniquely human ability pandora charms ocean

The “notion is [tool use] requires higher intelligence, because it requires refashioning what nature has provided to achieve the user’s goal,” Anne Russon, an expert in ape intelligence at Canada’s York University, said via email pandora charms ocean

Since the toolmaking discovery, scientists have discovered our closest cousins can use sign language, hunt with spears of their own making, and even beat college students in basic memory tests, among other skills.

(Related: “Chimps Shown Using Not Just a Tool but a ‘Tool Kit.'”)Francine “Penny” Patterson (left), using American Sign Language, asks the gorilla Koko if she is hungry on May 21, 1976 pandora charms ocean
. Koko is responding that she is.

(Related: “Gorillas Are No Dummies, Zoo Study Shows.”)

Koko, a lowland gorilla born in 1971, is currently the most language proficient nonhuman, according to the Gorilla Foundation, which teaches ASL to gorillas.

The gorilla has a vocabulary of more than a thousand signs, understands about 2,000 words of spoken English, and initiates most conversations with people, according to the foundation’s website.

Her IQ is between 70 and 95 on a human scale 100 is considered a “normal” human IQ.

“Great apes have [language] skills that are similar to small children,” Thomas Breuer, an ape researcher with the Wildlife Conservation Society in the Republic of the Congo, said by email.

Added York University’s Russon: “The great leap forward was using manual signs rather than vocal sounds for language important because great apes don’t have the same control over sound creation as humans do pandora charms ocean

Researcher Sue Savage Rumbaugh hugs Kanzi, star pupil of the Language Research Center in Atlanta, after the bonobo scored excellent results on a language comprehension and syntax quiz.

Kanzi, born in 1980, is “the world’s undisputed ape language superstar,” according to the website of the Great Ape Trust, a research facility in Iowa that studies ape language and intelligence pandora charms ocean

That’s because he was the first ape to acquire language as children do: by being exposed to it.

Kanzi is also the first ape to show receptive understanding of spoken English and excels in research using novel sentences phrases that require the learning of specific responses, the website said.

Syntax is more difficult to learn than individual words because it implies some understanding of relations between entities ie. not just any old fruit, my mom’s fruit, Russon noted.

What’s more, Kanzi is a skilled stone toolmaker.

“Not only does Azy communicate his thoughts with abstract keyboard symbols, he also demonstrates a ‘theory of mind’ (understanding another individual’s perspective) and makes logical, thoughtful choices that show a mental flexibility some chimpanzees lack,” according to National Geographic magazine.

As part of the facility’s Orangutan Language Project, orangutans, rewarded with food, learn to use a symbol based language presented on a computer monitor, according to the Think Tank website.

The zoo’s “dictionary” has about 70 abstract symbols, all of which have no visual relation to the object they represent. There are seven categories of symbols: food, proper names of people, verbs, adjectives, Arabic numbers, nonfood objects, and proper names of orangutans.

Though it wasn’t the first time an ape had commuicated via symbols, Azy’s accomplishment “meant a nonhuman species could attribute meaning to otherwise meaningless arbitrary symbols,” Russon said.

(Related: “Orangutans Show Signs of Culture, Study Says.”)

An adult female lowland gorilla in the Republic of the Congo’s Nouabal Ndoki National Park uses a walking stick to gauge the water’s depth in a file picture. The behavior, documented in a 2005 study in the journal PLoS Biology, was the first evidence that wild gorillas use tools.

Previously, chimpanzees, bonobos, and orangutans had all been observed using tools. But scientists had speculated that gorillas had lost such skills out of lack of necessity, according to the study. After all, gorillas, the largest of the great apes, can easily crush nuts with their teeth or smash termite mounds without needing tools.

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5 Trapped As Calif

A deadly wildfire that has blackened a wide swath of tinder dry forest around Los Angeles took another menacing turn Monday as five people became hopelessly trapped inside a smoky canyon and thousands of suburban homes and a vital mountaintop broadcasting complex grew dangerously close to being devoured by explosive, towering flames.

The five trapped people refused to evacuate threatened areas and reported they were stranded at a ranch near Gold Creek, Los Angeles County sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said. A sheriff’s helicopter was unable to immediately reach them because of intense fire activity, but would try after the flames passed, he said.

“What this says is, ‘Listen, listen, listen,”‘ Whitmore said. “Those people were told to get out two days ago, and now we are putting our people in danger to get them out.”

Fire crews battling the blaze in the Angeles National Forest tried desperately to beat back the flames and prayed for weather conditions to ease. The fire was the largest of at least eight burning across California after days of triple digit temperatures and low humidity.

The fire scorched 164 square miles of brush and threatened more than 12,000 homes, but the lack of wind kept them from driving stormily into the hearts of the dense suburbs northeast of Los Angeles.

Columns of smoke billowed high into the air before dispersing into a gauzy white haze that burned eyes and prompted warnings of unhealthy air throughout the Los Angeles area pandora charms owl
. Smoke could be seen billowing around the fabled Hollywood sign. Forest Service spokeswoman Dianne Cahir said. “When it gets into canyons that haven’t burned in numerous years, it takes off. If you have any insight into the good Lord upstairs, put in a request.”

The exact number of people injured or threatened by the fire was still not clear.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Monday issued emergency declarations for the counties of Placer, Monterey, Los Angeles and Mariposa.

On the blaze’s northwestern front, two firefighters were killed Sunday when their truck drove off the side of a road on Mount Gleason near the city of Acton pandora charms owl

The victims were fire Capt. Tedmund Hall, 47, of San Bernardino County, and firefighter Specialist Arnaldo “Arnie” Quinones, 35, of Palmdale pandora charms owl
. Hall was a 26 year veteran, and Quinones had been a county firefighter for eight years.

Quinones’ wife is expecting and due to give birth to their first child in the next few weeks.

Hall and his wife have two boys, ages 20 and 21, and was described as a family oriented man who loved riding motorcycles.

“Our hearts are heavy as we are tragically reminded of the sacrifices our firefighters and their families make daily to keep us safe,” Schwarzenegger said.

Los Angeles County fire Capt. Mike Brown said the three adults also suffered third degree burns on Saturday in the Tujunga area. He said they were taken to local hospitals but he had no word on their conditions Monday.

The San Gabriel Valley Tribune reported the three included a couple who sought shelter in a hot tub and a person burned in an evacuation area near Mount Wilson. Brown could not confirm those details.

With flames about a half mile away from the communications and astronomy centers on Mount Wilson, crews planned to set more backfires and planes dropped fire retardant around the mountaintop complex

CBS News correspondent Hattie Kauffman reports the complex houses transmitters for 22 television stations along with many radio stations and cell phone providers.

Fire crews set backfires and sprayed fire retardant at Mount Wilson, home to at least 20 television transmission towers, radio and cellphone antennas, and the century old Mount Wilson Observatory. The observatory also houses two giant telescopes and several multimillion dollar university programs. It is both a landmark for its historic discoveries and a thriving modern centre for astronomy.

The fire about a half mile away was expected to reach the mountaintop sometime Monday night, said Los Angeles County fire Capt. Mark Whaling. If the flames hit the mountain, cellphone service and TV and radio transmissions would be disrupted, but the extent was unclear.

The blaze has destroyed at least 21 homes and forced thousands of evacuations. The firefighters died when their truck drove off the side of a road with flames all around them.

Hall and Quinones died fighting a fire that showed no signs of subsiding Monday. People who fled returned to find their homes gone.

“It’s the worst roller coaster of my life, and I hate roller coasters,” said Adi Ellad, who lost his home in Big Tujunga Canyon over the weekend pandora charms owl
. “One second I’m crying, one second I’m guilty, the next moment I’m angry, and then I just want to drink tequila and forget.”

Ellad left behind a family heirloom Persian rug and a photo album he put together after his father died. “I’m going to have to figure out a new philosophy: how to live without loving stuff,” he said.

The blaze in the Los Angeles foothills is the biggest but not most destructive of California’s wildfires. Northeast of Sacramento, a wind driven fire destroyed 60 structures over the weekend, many of them homes in the town of Auburn.

The 275 acre blaze was 50 per cent contained Monday afternoon and full containment was expected Tuesday. It wiped out an entire cul de sac, leaving only smouldering ruins, a handful of chimneys and burned cars.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger toured the Auburn area, where only charred remnants of homes remained on Monday pandora charms owl
. At some houses, the only things left on the foundation are metal cabinets and washers and dryers.